Accommodation is mostly in hotels, and depending on the location and season of your trip, could include few nights stay in shared local homes or tents. You will enjoy night stays in the best available hotel rooms, in a shared local home with warm delicious meals and hospitable local hosts. The rare opportunity of residing in a nomad or dessert tent under star-full clear sky has always been described as unforgettable and unique.

Meals are one of the most enjoyable parts of all trips to Iran. While in most occasions western style food is available, you will love to taste a great variety of Persian cuisine suitable for every dietary preferences. While staying in remote areas and with nomads, food is prepared from best local ingredients and by skilled locals.

Transportation is an important element of our journey in Iran. It involves various means such as luxury buses, air planes, train and taxi. You will be amazed with beauty of sceneries and variety of landscapes along your way. You can take lovely photos and learn about the historical, cultural or natural landmarks of the route.

Insurance is essential for all trips and traveling to Iran is no exception. You need to arrange your travel insurance prior to the trip and make sure have it with you all the time along with your emergency contacts.

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Iran Inside Out (Apr 2017)

04/04/2017 – 20/04/2017 | $4400 AUD

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Iran at a Glance (May 2017)

04/05/2017 – 15/05/2017 | $ 3650 AUD

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Iran Cat Head (Sep 2017)

02/09/2016 – 16/09/2016 | $4100 AUD

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